Renters Insurance not only covers your possessions but also provides liability coverage if an incident occurs and a person suffers an injury at your rented house or apartment. Along with these important coverages, if an injured person filed a law suit (instead of or as well as a claim on your policy) the renters policy would cover legal expenses up to the limits you carry on the policy. If a person chooses not to carry a renter’s policy, all of these costs would be a person’s responsibility to pay completely out of their own pocket.

A common mistake renters make is assuming that their property is covered under the landlord’s policy, which is incorrect. The landlord’s policy covers the building itself but not any of the renter’s possessions that may be inside and this is where a renter’s policy comes into play. If your apartment or home being rented is destroyed in a fire this policy will help you put the pieces back together. If you suffer a break in and your expensive T.V., jewelry or computers are taken a renter’s policy can replace them. From clothing to electronics, from furniture to art, from sporting goods to coin collections, a renter’s policy can offer the coverage you need.